today at the bookstore i asked the lady working if she had any lgbtq books that i could check out and her eyes magnified in what i mistook as horror and i thought i had offended her and then she said “i have a bag of lesbian fiction in the basement i’ve been waiting for someone to finally ask” and she all but burst down the stairs to get them for me


"I have a bag of lesbian fiction in the basement" is my new go-to pickup line

Let’s hope these guys are wearing their brown pants.

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If you post:

  • Homestuck
  • LGBT things
  • Attack On Titan
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  • Cosplay
  • Welcome To Night Vale
  • A Very Potter Musical
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Final Fantasy
  • Cute Things

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Do you like thunderstorms?

I love them n_n


Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups


chucklefuck should be the ship name for ghb/karkat


Dragged ya down below
Down to the devil’s show
To be his guest forever
Peace of mind is less than never
Hate to twist your mind
But God ain’t on your side
An old acquaintance severed
Burn the world your last endeavor

Flesh is burning, you can smell it in the air
'Cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal (steal)
So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head
You’re now a slave until the end of time here
Nothing stops the madness turning
Haunting, yearning, pull the trigger

You should have known
The price of evil
And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah
Oh, it’s your fucking nightmare

Took a photo and used a shitty filter. Yeeee


My Terezi Pyrope cosplay is finished for Otakon! I have the horns on hair pins so they can stay in the wig, and the gray paint is going to be provided by my friend. Onward to Otakon!


ready for that southern family reunion